Winter Registration 2022 and Casino Fundraising!

Happy Holidays! The Calgary Fencing Club is open for Registrations for Winter 2022!

Continuing Classes will start January 04, 2022
Beginner Classes will start January 10, 2022 

Please visit the Beginner Class or Registration Page for more information. Our latest beginner and continuing classes have been extremely positive after such a long hiatus from fencing! Thus please note that the Tuesday Thursday continuing Adult and Youth class time has been moved half an hour later to 7:30 pm to allow for the full gym space for our membership. 

We will be holding our Casino Fundraiser on January 17 & 18, 2022. This fundraiser is incredibly important to us as it helps pay for our rent and keep costs down for all our fencers. If you or someone you know can come volunteer, please sign up with the below link, all volunteers are eligible for a $100 credit for each shift taken which can be applied to any CFC class (valid until January 2023):

Casino Sign Up Link:

We deeply thank everyone who is able to volunteer, it really helps us out and keeps fencing going!

Any our office will be closed from December 17-January 03, 2022 but we will still be answering emails if you have any questions please send an email to:

Calgary Fencing Club