About Fencing:

Sport fencing is an Olympic sport derived from the age of dueling and swordsmanship. Where sharp points are now replaced with flexible electric blades, fencing is one of the safest combat sports in the world and safer than many other traditional sports. Fencing emphasizes on a blend of physical and mental development, often described as “mental chess” each opponent becomes a unique puzzle for each individual fencer to overcome. Join one of our beginner classes now to learn more about Fencing, many of our students stay on simply because there is no other sport which is as unique as fencing which can provide the same rush and benefits!

What’s Foil?

Foil is one of the three main weapons in Olympic Fencing, Epee and Saber are the other two weapons. Each weapon has a different set of rules to follow and generally play out very differently from one another.

Epee is a thrusting weapon with the entire body the target area, the first person to hit receives the point. Generally Epee matches tend to be longer as each opponent waits for the right moment for an opening.

Saber is a fast slashing weapon with the upper body the target. In saber the fencer who gains the initiative in the attack will receive the point unless their opponent is able to defend the attack. As the attacking fencer has the advantage, saber matches tend to be much much faster and at a higher physical pace.

Foil is a thrusting weapon with the torso the target. Foil is much like the middle ground between Epee and Saber, though much like saber where the fencer with the initiative will receive the point, Foil requires more precision with the limited target area. Thus foil matches tend to be dynamic and free moving at a more strategic pace.

If you would like to learn more, the best way is to take one of our beginner’s classes!

Am I too (insert physical attribute here) for fencing?

Absolutely not! Although certain physical attributes may help in the beginning don’t let it discourage you, they matter less and less, the more you become experienced in fencing. You can see this reflected even in the highest levels of fencing where many fencers overcome this dynamic everyday. As an individual sport we can set our own goals, and progress at a pace that is most comfortable for ourselves. We encourage all fencers from ages 9 all the way to adult/seniors to come and fence with us. All fencers from the recreational to competitive, can gain many benefits including increased cardio, strong lower body strength and quick strategic decision making skills.

Do I have to buy a lot of equipment if I want to start Fencing?

At the Calgary Fencing Club, all beginner fencers can borrow the required equipment from the club. All continuing fencers will require their own mask, glove and foil, however all other equipment can be borrowed.

If I want to buy my own equipment where can I purchase it?

Equipment can be purchased directly from the club please see the club office for more details.

Outside of the club there are several other vendors in Canada the main ones are:

Imex Sport
Crossed Swords Fencing Equipment
Leon Paul Canada

Even if you are looking to order outside the club we highly encourage you to speak with our office or one of our coaches before you make a purchase to help you order the correct equipment. Often we can order in bulk/discount with one of the vendors to help save you money and from a headache from purchasing the wrong equipment.

What if I’m looking to fence competitively? Where do I start?

Please visit our competitive fencing page for more information!

I’m an experienced fencer and would like to drop in to fence!

We’d be happy to have you during our open bouting sessions, please drop us a line at info@calgaryfencingclub.ca

Do you do group events? Birthday Parties?

Please drop us a line at info@calgaryfencingclub.ca and we can see if we can arrange a group event for you.